About CSD Labs

Computational Signal Detection Laboratories (CSD Labs®) develops high-end medical software using state of the art engineering approaches in combination with in-house pioneering research. Specialized in the analysis and classification of complex data, CSD Labs offers clinically verified medical software for the objective, automated detection of heart defects. The portable technology solution was developed in close collaboration with medical experts and assists physicians in performing auscultation during their daily routine.

Winner of international MedTech award


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CSD Labs wins the special MedTech award at the seventh international business plan competition “Best of Biotech”. The competition awards excellence in the areas of life science and medical technology, is organised by Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH (aws) and commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. In total, 30 projects with economic potential from six countries were selected by an international jury comprised of experts from the fields of industry, finance and economics. In the end, CSD Labs was awarded the prestigious prize worth EUR 10,000.


Heart auscultation is the standard examination method used worldwide to screen for heart defects by identifying murmurs. Reaching a correct diagnosis remains challenging and is hampered by inaccuracy and subjectivity.


CSD Labs offers novel medical software for heart sound analysis to assist physicians in this challenging task. The improved screening positively impacts all stakeholders and enables objective documentation.

Clinically Tested Technology

Developed and tested in blinded national and international clinical trials, the technology follows stringent medical device regulations ensuring objective auscultation results and patient-specific diagnoses.


Active collaboration with experienced medical professionals during product development yields efficient usability and an uninterrupted workflow for the physicians in their clinical environment.

EHR System Integration

The CSD Labs technologies use standard documentation to seamlessly integrate into electronic health record (EHR) information systems used in both private practices and hospitals.

Offering Opportunities

With a clear path to market, CSD Labs is currently offering investors and interested parties opportunities to join its growing team during this process of early technology commercialization.